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Since the growth sections of the bone are damaged, the patient grows much more slowly, the growth of short tubular bones, the phalanges of the fingers, also slows down, short fingers develop.

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On the vertebrae, marginal bone growths - osteophytes are also formed.

The articular surfaces no longer correspond to each other (outertheir congruence is shaking), the articular cartilage exfoliates in places, loses its structure and gradually collapses - deforming arthrosis develops. Marginal and floating on the articular surface of the osteophytes. All these changes cause the displacement of the articular surfaces relative to each other - the formation of levofloxacin pills. The affected joints are deformed, the range of motion in them is significantly reduced, and there are muscle contractures.

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The pathological process begins in the area of ​​the interphalangeal joints of the II, III and IV fingers. In a number of patients, this is limited, but in the majority it still extends to the overlying large joints - the wrist, elbow, knee, and others. Changes are usually symmetrical - the same joints of both upper and / or lower extremities are affected. Objectively, these joints are thickened, deformed, the range of motion in them is reduced to varying degrees, the surrounding muscles are atrophied. The fingers are twisted, there is an X- or O-shaped deformity of the lower extremities.

Based on the clinical picture, there are 3 degrees of endemic osteoarthritis

The appearance of persons suffering from Kashin-Beck disease is very specific: In addition to changes in the skeleton, the imbalance of microelements in the body of levaquin patients causes disturbances in other organs and systems.

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In female patients, a narrow pelvis is diagnosed, which creates certain difficulties during pregnancy and childbirth.

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      I degree is characterized by some thickening of the nearest to the hand (proximal) interphalangeal joints of the index, middle and ring fingers, a subtle decrease in the range of motion in the wrist, elbow joints and ankle, non-intense aching pain in the affected joints